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Private label

We can develop a range of private label canned goods to your exact specifications. We offer a vast product portfolio, with over 100 approved and ready to use recipes that we can use to produce under private label using the highest quality of ingredients we can source.


As well as traditional meat-based recipes, we are the market leader in the development and supply of plant-based meat alternative products. Our New Product Development Team are continually monitoring the market for new ideas to create innovative new products we can develop and launch.

We offer a diverse range of products that includes – soups, beans and pulses, authentic foods, international recipes, ready meals, vegan meals and side accompaniments.

Ranging from high end and premium to standard and more conventional products. We Can Foods always try to better or match current recipes in the marketplace. 


Product examples include

International Foods

Flavours of the world


Beans & Pulses

Pulses in water or sauce

Marrowfat peas
Red & white kidney beans
Mung beans
Broad beans
Aduki beans
Black beans
Blackeye beans
Haricot beans
Beans in tomato sauce
Beans in chilli sauce

Hearty Ready Meals

Traditional recipes

Beef hotpot
Irish stew
Beef stew & dumplings
Stewed steak in gravy
Chicken casserole
Mixed vegetable stew
Tuscan beef
Cajun chicken
Beef stroganoff
Chilli Con Carne
Baked beans & sausages
Beans & burger bites
All day breakfast

Quality Soups

Vegetarian or with meat

Tomato & red pepper
Chicken & beef consume
Chicken & beef stock
Royal game soup
Thick vegetable soup
Cullen skink
Caramelised red onion soup
Carrot & coriander soup
Minestrone soup
Broccoli & stilton soup
Vegan broccoli cheese

Bespoke own label canned goods


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